Sunday 16 October 2011

Glengoyne Distillery Shop Opening

I really must get round to keeping this up to date on a more regular basis, a LOT has happened since June.
Anyhow, Friday evening saw the official opening of Glengoyne's Distillery Shop after a £500,000 (that was the figure quoted) revamp. It looks and feels better than it did previously, much fresher and probably better laid out, but half a million? I think that the figure was swollen in translation somewhere. Reading the press blurb, they have spent £300,000 on upgrading visitor facilities during 2011 in addition to £200,000 on renovating the Manager's House as an events space in 2007. That's where the £500K comes from.
The company also released 4 new whiskies (see my website for tasting notes):
The Glengoyne Distillery Cask, this is an first fill American oak hogshead, no. 1016 filled in June, 2000. The whisky is currently 60.7% abv and a bottle costs £75.00. To get one, you must visit the distillery and fill it yourself. A great wee gimmick.
A Single Cask 24 years old from cask no 354 of 1987 bottled at 54.8% abv.
A Single Cask 15 years old from cask no
and the Teapot Dram.
The Teapot Dram is the only one which will be widely (?) available, all the others are only available at the distillery. Great excuse to visit though!
Reviews from consumers - and the whisky industry - for "Le Snob Whisky" have been very good. They all seem to like its look and feel. My concern is that, due to its size (only 144 pages), I have had to leave out a lot of whiskies - and a lot of distilleries. I'll just have to wait & see what the reviews are for its content.

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