Sunday 16 October 2011

Also on Glengoyne's Distilley Shop Oopening

I should also have said that the company revealed its new film to us. "Us" was a group of 20ish hacks and bloggers. Glengoyne has set up a large screen with speakers wrapped in plastic to protect them from the rain. The film, all 16 minutes of it, ran while we remained sheltered on the terrace of the visitor centre with the rain falling down between us and the screen. They even laid on a particularly delicate dropping of the leaves from the trees towards the end of the film. Very dramatic. I have to say that I enjoyed it greatly (and I see lots of these). It was relaxed, laid back, a little ireverent and pawky (look up a dictionary). There is, in particular, one little piece I would like to use in my lectures which demonstrates reflux particularly well.

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