Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Kilchoman pictures

A couple of pics I took last week at the visit to Kilchoman. Anthony was quite emotional when speaking to the assembled populace about the success of the operation and the friendly and sterling efforts of his staff and directors in getting to the stage they are at.
I normally tell my students that it takes a distilling company 100 years to reach profitability, so that those who start a distillery now are doing it for the benefit of their grandchildren. The initial setup costs, followed by no cashflow for a minimum of 3 years and more likely 5, 10 or more years before the filthy lucre starts to flow in. Anthony has been very clever in selling bottled new make spirit and an imaginative - and wide - range of goods from the distillery shop. The bottles of new make are almost a demand brand in whisky retailers around the world.

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