Wednesday 20 January 2010

New whisky course

It has been a long time since my last post - a lot has happened, but we will continue. The world is still turning.
The first running of The Advanced Whisky Trail course occurred last night. Some people missing and others unable to attend the course this year. My students have been badgering me for this course for the past half dozen years or so.
Anyway, the first night saw an examination of the characteristics which arrive through foreshots and/or feints, metallic, sulphury and off-notes, their causes and manifestations. What difference 2/3/4 distillations makes. What makes a good whisky? And "Beyond subjectivity". They tasted 6 whiskies and shared tasting notes to come up with a conclusion. It worked well.
Another running of The Scotch Whisky Trail Certificate Course starts tonight. I am not convinced in the effectiveness of the college's administration. Student Services they call it...
We'll see how it goes.

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