Saturday, 19 November 2011

Kilmacolm High Dam

What a diverse life I lead! On Thursday, I was helping out my publican buddy with a problem he has at a reservoir he owns - repairing the concrete on the edge of the reservoir's spillway. Some miscreant has opened the sluices and the dam has emptied. To date we cannot find out how this has happened and the water flows across the base of the reservoir and out through then open sluice. We spent some time trying to find out where the water is going to - unsuccessfully! Just as the rain came on, we returned to the car which I had driven down to the reservoir a) because we had cement to carry and b) because there were highland cattle up the field and I did not want to lose my wing mirrors. With the rain, the track became slippy and it took us an hour to get the car the 70 metres or so up the track. We were soaked and covered in mud.
What fun!

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