Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Christmas shopping

Yes, even I have to undertake this time consuming and mindless task.
My wife and I, who both positively hate shopping, chose some years ago to get it all done in one day early/mid November, before the mobs arrive.
A couple of years ago, we saw that this unpleasant experience has a possible pleasant one connected to it (for every action, there is a reaction). Get the shopping done in one day, stay over in Glasgow, have a pleasant night out, take the pain and misery out of the shopping experience. Sorted!
This year, we went into Glasgow last Saturday (daughter spent two nights with grandparents) arriving in the Buchanan Galleries car park at 9.20. We had lunch in O Sole Mio in Bath Street and shopping was finished, everything bought apart from an Amazon voucher, by 2.45.
This year, we had booked into the Crowne Plaza beside the SECC and watched the fireworks displays around the city from our room on the 14th floor.
We then went out and had a very pleasant dinner in The Pelican Cafe - my fourth attempt to eat here in the past year, finishe doff with an aniseed grappa.
Unfortunately, our room (no 1422 - avoid it like the plague) is close to some machinery, possibly the air-conditioning unit, which emits a low hume for 24 hours a day.
Our sleep was disturbed.

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