Sunday, 27 November 2011

Drambusters' Whisky Festival

Down to Dumfries yesterday for Drambusters' inaugural Whisky Festival. Drambusters is the whisky club organised by Dumfries whisky shop, T.B. Watson Ltd. in the town's English Street.
This was a good wee festival, held in the Cairndale Hotel with 18 or 20 whisky companies (and me) taking part. I signed a few books, spoke to a LOT of people from all over: Carlisle, Kent, Glasgow, Germany, California as well as Dumfries. At most such festivals I have been to there seems to have been an upper age. At this one, that was exceeded. Possibly because I was situated at a central pillar and had no fewer than 3 seats, none of which I was using, I spoke to 4 people who were in excess of 80 years of age and 1 who was 92. That made an age spread of 74 years!
Met up again with Robertson Wellen, a whiskyphile Californian who runs a great guest house in Dumfries called "Ferintosh". The only hotel/guest house/b&b I have ever been at where I was left a small decanter of single cask single malt whisky by my bed! The three members of the Bavarian Whisky Pipes were staying with Robertson while they were in Dumfries.
The weather was appalling and my drive home was fun; strong winds, pouring rain and amateur drivers crawling up the road from Dumfries to the M74. Still I did the 95 mile return journey in an hour and 40 minutes. A steady 73 mph on the M74, M73 and M90, great thing cruise control!

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