Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Cutty Sark

Did the third in a series of educational events for Cutty last night.
A group consisting of some staff from Cutty's Brazilian agents and their Russian agents,as well as one from Maxxium UK (their UK agants) and one from Edrington, Cutty's parent company. Have already done one event for their Turkish distributors and one for their Spanish.
We have created the Cutty Sark Blended Scotch Whisky Academy as the vehicle for this series of events.
This one was at Lochgreen House in Troon, a comfortable, personal, almost intimate hotel.
A good bunch and quite knowledgeable with pertinent questions showing that they had more than a basic understanding of the subject, but, as Jason Craig, the Cutty Sark Supremo, has opined, their understanding of The Blend wasn't quite there.
Had a great dinner to finish with: Salmon wrapped in seaweed with wasabi, roast venison with wild mushrooms and caramelised parsnips and tarte tatin with ice cream. Yummy!
Finally left at about 11.45 and it only took an hour to get home. Was only over the speed limit by a couple of miles an hour, but the roads were VERY quiet.
Tonight I am doing a whisky tasting as a part of an HSBC branch opening in Stirling. Hopefully a relaxed do where I can interact with their customers and potential customers. We will see!

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