Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Another Quite a Week

Was supposed to be forming part of a panel at the MacRobert Centre on Friday evening as a part of Take One Action's film festival ( which the Co-operative is sponsoring. The film was to have been Even The Rain (, but the film didn't arrive at the MacRobert, so the evening was cancelled.
On the Saturday at Ashfield Village Hall, just to the north of Dunblane, the film was There Once Was An Island ( and this film had arrived. Ashfield Village Hall serves a community of about 30 homes and has amazing facilities for such a small community. The film shows how global warming has impacted into the life of these remote islanders and how the sea level rising has caused half of the islanders on this low lying atoll to leave. We are left in no doubt that the remaining islanders will either have to leave or die.
There was a panel discussion afterwards, with myself, a woman from Christian Aid and a chap from SCIAF. They were showing another film in the evening, viewing of There Once Was An Island had started at 4.00 p.m., but I was unable to stay for that - domestic commitments.
I played a dozen holes of golf on Monday morning! First time on the course for about 8 months because of the poisoned foot and the bad weather. First thre holes were abysmal, ball going everywhere, but as I got into it, I improved. Finished with a par 3 on the winter 18th, which is the summer 18th at Braehead Golf Course.
My wife siffered pleurisy a few weks ago and went down with tonsilitis last week. She went in on Monday morning, but only managed a half day, exhausted. he had Tuesday off. I, meanwhile, had Week 6 of the whisky course - Marketing & Brand Devbelopment. Once again, i talked too much - my students seem to enjoy my course, as you can see from the photo - and it was 9.15 before I finally got out of the college.

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