Saturday, 29 October 2011

Good Spirit Company

Signed a few copies of Le Snob Whisky today at The Good Spirits Company in Glasgow's Bath Street. Spoke with quite a few maltheads and tasted one or two interesting whiskies. See Tasting Notes in my website for Forty Creek Confederation Oak Reserve and Wiser's Legacy.
Great not so wee shop; imaginatively and carefully laid out; looks and feels good, expensive, but friendly, serious about the product and crisply fresh.
Train from Stirling to Glasgow mobbed, standing room only and damed little of that. Return train Glasgow to Stirling equally crowded, but managed to get a seat. No sign of ticket inspectors/conductors in either direction, probably couldn't get through the crush of bodies. Laughingly, they announced over the tannoy as we were leaving Glasgow's Queen Street that passengers were not to block the aisle of the entrance doors. In that case, they shouldn't have let so many people on to the train!

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